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Downton Abbey: The Exhibition, Review

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition, Review

If you haven’t seen it yet, Downton Abbey: The Exhibition, based on the period drama television series (1912-1926), which opened in November 2017 in New York City, is now extended through April 2, 2018! This exhibit is more of a peak behind the curtain than chronological Museum Exhibition of the Downtown Abbey TV series. It is very enjoyable for fans of the show, but in terms of in-depth historical information regarding the clothing, they were lacking in some descriptive labels and information. In this sense, it differs from the prior, Costumes of Downton Abbey, traveling exhibit. Overall, certainly worth a visit, if only to see more than 50 of the show’s outstanding garments in person!

For those who have trouble remembering what happened in some of the episodes by now (like me), here’s a great episode guide

The show is set on three separate floors. The lowest is appropriately attributed to discussing the kitchen and downstairs activities of the Downton Abbey staff. This included a replica of Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen, the servants’ hall, and servants’ uniforms. New recordings of Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes welcomed guests into the exhibit and interactive tablets, quizzing guests on what their profession might have been during that time, were fun novelties.


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