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Cycling with Style Series: Part 3


This cartoon from the satirical, Punch; or The London Charivari, known for its political and social commentary in the form of humorous illustrations. This particular drawing from June 4, 1898 reads: Lady Cyclist (touring in North Holland). “What a Ridiculous Costume!” This cartoon says a lot about what many of the English thought of women’s cycling ensembles (and many Americans as well).

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Cycling with Style Series: Part 2




Cosmopolitan Magazine, August 1895



Much of Western society found they could accept skirts adapted for riding, but knickers, bloomers, and trouser variations worn without a skirt over top proved to be much more controversial. The construction of these ensembles was based on loose trousers, but they were typically so voluminous that they would often look like a skirt while the woman was standing next to her bicycle. This aided in conforming the look to societal standards. Lady’s magazines like Cosmopolitan,  featured images of bloomer cycling costumes, thus propelling its familiarity and acceptance, yet sometimes featuring articles with conflicting opinions on the ensemble. The Western world was intrigued by this new form of dress for women, but not everyone was ready to adopt or accept its integration.

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